I just finished watching the 2 hour season finale of Survivor.  I have no idea why, other than seeing it a couple times when there was nothing else on so I felt I needed to watch the finale.  The whole premise of the show is to be the one left standing at the end and win a million dollars.  In order to do so, you probably have to have lied, manipulated, ganged up on other people and other deeds that if it were not a game, we would find detestable qualities to have as a human being.    Having said that, everyone who goes into the game knows how it is played out and they know that in order to win you have to look out to yourself and no one else otherwise you could be the one voted off the island.

It seems to me that if the story of Jesus birth were to take place in our day and time, Joseph and Mary would be met with as much scepticism as I am sure it was in it’s own time.  Part of me believes though, that at the very least Joseph and Mary would be offered a deal to star in their own reality TV series.  It’s not everyday that someone claims a virgin birth.

I think if it did become a reality series though, we would find ourselves rooting for Joseph in all the drama, hoping that he would vote Mary off the island so to speak.  After all he is the one who needs to make a big move, or he is going to be the loser.  He considers it briefly, he might divorce her quietly…but instead an angel appears to him in a dream and tells him not to be afraid to take Mary is his wife.

Joseph never causes his big upset, and as the Christmas story is told he is often neglected.  Here we have a guy who could have made a name for himself in the community by getting rid of his betrothed, but instead he takes the advice of the Angel even though it is not a great game strategy for Joseph’s advancement, he makes a sacrifice, because he is a man who honours God above himself, and isn’t that the kind of life we are supposed to live?