I’m having one of those weeks where I am having particular trouble deciding where to focus when it comes to this text.  It makes me a bit uncomfortable because before long, it will be Thursday and I will want a clear focus to sit down and write a homily for the congregation.

I could take the position that perhaps this text reminds the reader that faith is not about “me”, but rather it’s about pointing to Jesus.  John does this, again and again in the short time he is mentioned in the gospel.

I could go into great detail as I read wondering about the specific meaning of the words “lamb of God” in this particular text.

I could go back to the argument within my own tradition on water baptism and it’s use in the church; whether or not it is really necessary.  John reminds his reader that he baptizes with water, but Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit.

I could ask the question why are we who follow actually following in the first place?  Maybe I can ask of myself and you the same question that Jesus asked “what are you looking for?”

Based on the commentaries and what scholars have to say about the text and the wording, verb tenses, and the translation.

There are many things that I could choose to look at, but I’m just finding it hard to focus this Monday morning.

Maybe that’s OK though, because maybe that is part of what the text is trying to do.  If I look at Jesus interaction with his first two followers.  They heard that he is the son of God who takes away the sin of the world and they immediately begin to follow him.  Jesus notices and asks them what they are looking for, they respond by asking where he is staying  and at that point Jesus offers the invitation to come and see.

So this morning as I ask Jesus to tell me what he wants me to see in the text this week, his invitation is simple…come and see.  I’ll have to move with him, because if I really want to see what God is doing through the text, and in the world then I simply have to come and see.