My family House
My family House

This is a picture of the family house.  The house I grew up in, there are a few rooms but not many.  It is not that big or that small, it is just right for a young family of 5.  It has been our family home for over 35 years, all but the first 9 months of my life.

In the last five years I have not spent very much time at this house, a day or two here or there, or a couple of weeks while on vacation.  And in fact the house doesn’t even look like this anymore, it has undergone a major face lift.  Yet even though it’s not the same as it used to be and even though I don’t spend time there anymore, I can still go there and feel like I belong, because it’s where my family gathers.  I feel secure at my house.  It’s not all that big but it’s home

One day, probably sooner than I would like, my parents will sell the house, after all they are no long raising three young children.  They don’t really need the space that they have anymore.  Some other family might move on and then my house and my street even will become foreign to me.

Wherever my parents choose to live when they eventually be my new “home” and at the same time, it probably won’t feel much like home because things will be different.  The halls and the walls won’t have memories for me, the rooms will be unfamiliar.  Yet at the same time, when my folks do move eventually to the unknown, I will still belong, because it’s where my family will gather.

Maybe when Jesus tells his disciples about his father’s house he is really telling them that yes, though things are going look, feel and just plain BE different, they’ll still be able to feel like they belong.  They will still be able to feel secure, because wherever they find themselves on the journey of faith, they will find Jesus.  Where he is, there they will be also…that’s a promise to hold onto in this world where there is trouble, this world where we sometimes just don’t fit.  A promise that helps us to live within our circumstances, recognizing that when we are in him, we are home…we do belong.

When do you feel most at home?