By Bibi Saint-Pol (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I have this problem of not being able to let things go.  If I am involved in a debate of any sort I generally feel the need to prove my point.  Some points however, just don’t need proving.

I can remember back when I used to work at a fast food joint after high school and before college; there was a manager named Craig who knew I was a Christian. It wasn’t because I was very vocal about my faith, it was because I had booked a couple days off for a church event and Craig picked up on that and decided to engaged me in friendly debate about faith.  He was, at that time at least, an atheist.

Our debates were warm and friendly, but neither of us had any real interest in the side of the other person.  Craig was much quicker than I was in debate however, although he was friendly enough, I sensed at times he was trying to trap me into admitting that faith is not reasonable.

I have to admit that I did not always have an answer for his questions, and at the time I felt like a horrible Christian because I did not have an argument for every question.  I’ve since learned that not having all of the answers, all of the time is perfectly OK.  My ability to answer critics does not in any way limit my ability to give to God what belongs to him, which is my whole life.

I’m not preaching on the passage found in Matthew 22:15-22 this week, but I think we all could learn a thing or two by the way that Jesus handles those who challenge him in this section.  He knows they are out to trap him and he basically turns the question around on them, what do they think.  Who’s image is on the coin?

Jesus asks them the question and stops the argument.  Really he can tell them to give to Caesar that which belongs to him and give to God what belongs to God because no matter what it all belongs to God anyway.

Does science have to be in contrast with faith as my friend Craig tried to assert?  No, I can give credit to scientific discovery because in the long run it all belongs to God anyway.  There is no need to feel trapped in the questions of the day, provided I give to God what belongs to God.