I believe that every person, whether atheist or creationist and all people in between at some point wonders how the universe began.  In his book Genesis Revisited: The Creation, Donald Arlo Jennings attempts to explore these ideas from a fresh Christian perspective. He explores different ways of thinking about the creation to include the probability of creation not being limited to just our earth.  Throughout the book Jennings asks some good questions and has obviously given the matter of creation some very deep thought.

Jennings does seem somewhat tied to a literal Genesis account, but compensates this view with things like the fact that because of the earth’s age that it is then imaginable that some of the current population comes from other worlds.  Another example of his seemingly literal take on the Genesis narrative can be found in the fact that Jennings treats the flood as a literal event, but believes that it is possible that others survived the flood to help repopulate the world.

In some ways I believe the ideas in the book are simply grasping at straws, and yet in other ways it’s a different perspective worth considering.  In either case, I did not really enjoy the book and the written format.  Although some of his ideas are interesting, I don’t find them well presented or laid out.  It took me several tries to read through the book and I finally just pushed through so I could just be finished with the book. I would recommend it for those looking for a completely different perspective, but I’d rather be able to have a conversation with the writer about these ideas than read his written word.

I give the book 2 out of 5 stars.

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