It’s been a crazy few weeks in my world, and I haven’t been on the blog in recent days.  Now that things that slowed down though, I hope to be back at the weekly reflection as I do find it helps in my sermon preparation.

So on to Mark 1:29-39.

I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago, back when I was working in a different job.  The doctor who did my surgery advised me that I would feel better within about a week, but that I needed to take two weeks off work to ensure that I didn’t aggravate the healing.  So I did, and I felt a bit guilty when I started to feel better but still was not returning to work.

I was also not to lift anything heavy for at least 6 weeks following the surgery.  Sometimes though part of my job included lifting heavy boxes containing mailings going to the post office.  For the most part I let the guys around the shop do that as I healed, but I also began to lift smaller items that were a bit heavier and as I did I could feel the strain on the wounds from my surgery.

I learned that they tell you to take it easy after a surgery for a reason.

It seems strange to me on a couple of levels then that as Jesus enters the house of Simon’s mother-in-law, that after he heals her of her fever she gets right up and starts to serve the men.  Knowing what I know about the need to take it easy after a sickness, should the woman be up and immediately serving?  However, this woman has no trouble doing her work.  It seems that the healing that Jesus offers the woman is full and complete, and it restores her to immediate health.

The other thing I find strange, I guess it’s the partial feminist in me, is that I wonder does Jesus heal this woman just so she can get up and wait on him?  He doesn’t seem like the type to be pushing anyone into restrictive roles…but then I remember that I read the text with a 21st century experience, and that in Jesus day he was doing more than just healing this woman so she could cook dinner.  He was healing her and restoring her role, her purpose in this life.

Today Jesus might touch someone’s life and bring healing to them so that they can get back to being a mother or wife.  He might also heal to restore a female CEO to her position, or a preacher to hers.  The purpose of Jesus healing is to restore us all to serve in whatever capacity we are needed.

I’m more than OK with that.  Are you?