One summer, AC/DC played a show in Winnipeg.  My Dad and I were driving back home after dropping my brother off downtown, and we drove past the location where the concert was being held.  Because the concert was at the outdoor stadium even out on the road you could see parts of the stage and hear the music.  There were people sitting on their roofs and standing along the sidewalks or parked in nearby parking lots, all people trying to get some kind of experience of the concert, but without paying the cost.  It’s amazing what people will try to do to see someone famous.

John 11 tells the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it seemed to be a climactic moment.  Everyone was looking to see this man, everyone wanted to experience the prophet who could raise people from the dead for themselves.  By the time the reader gets to chapter 12:20-36 we can see that even the Greeks in the area want to see and understand what they have heard. So they approach Philip and say, we want to see Jesus.

So Philip tells Andrew and then the two of them go and present the request to Jesus, but Jesus doesn’t really answer the question.  Instead he predicts his death, and it gets me wondering, do you want to see Jesus?

Do you really want to see Jesus?

We often have no idea what we’re asking when we pray to the Lord.  It is my sense that through his seeming lack of response that Jesus is telling the people around him that if they really want to see him then they must look to the cross.

As Jesus is lifted up he draws us to him, it is in the darkness of his death, that the light is most evident. The cost is great, but through the death of Jesus Christ, we are able to be called children of the light!

Do you want to see Jesus?

(note: I’ve run out of time before my Lenten break starts, so there will not be a post for the Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday readings, see you after Easter)