It’s been a while, sorry about that.  After taking a break over the Lenten period I just couldn’t get back into blogging each week.  But here I am again.

I have to admit that I don’t understand much about gardening or farming.  I have no idea what time you’re supposed to sow the seeds; I don’t often don’t know the difference between weeds and the actual plant.  I’ve grown some potatoes the last 2 summers because they are pretty much fool-proof.  You put the planter potatoes in the ground and leave them there and then at some point you have potatoes that you can dig up.  I also recently grew some oat grass for my cat to eat.  I have no idea how it happened but it grew.  I dropped the seeds in the peat moss, added a bit of water and now have grass.

I have had these minor successes, but I have never really studied the science of plants, so I don’t understand beyond the very basics at all how things really grow; neither does the sower in Jesus parable.

That’s the point, the harvest grows even though the farmer doesn’t really understand how.  There are certain things that are beyond the control of the farmer when it comes to the crop, even today there are variables that are beyond human control.

For me this morning, the image of the sower is a bit of an ego check, because I think that part of what Jesus is saying is that the kingdom of God is not within my control, though I might plant seeds of faith, ultimately I have no idea how the kingdom will be affected or not by my efforts.  I think we have to trust that no matter what the kingdom of God just grows, and it grows beyond what we can think or imagine.

I have no idea, but I will keep on sowing and trusting.